The power of belief is very potent. Ever hear of the placebo effect? The fact that people have been able to heal themselves just by believing they were taking effective medicine shows you loud and clear how powerful our beliefs can be. So do you or someone you know have a condition you want our community to pray for?  Add them to our list here by leaving a comment and remember- the stronger you pray and believe, the faster the results. Namaste

Leave a comment for one of my former patients struggling with a lung disease to show your support and just try to keep him in your daily prayers once a day.

Great References:

“The Powerful Placebo” by H.K. Beecher

“The Lost Mode of Prayer” Greg Braden

“The Biology of Belief” By Bruce Lipton

Unity Church

A Course of Miracles



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  1. cynthia jones

    remember that you are a blessed child of God and tha His healing powers is upon you and you are God’s special child and he will cover you keep you and never leave yout

  2. Richie

    You’re awesome Cynthia!

  3. LuckyPenne

    Don’t be concerned about anything ~ Wonderful Things are Happening!

    Sending love, light, and healing hugs your way ~ Namaste

    P.S. Richie, this would be another great use for an HPT support group; if you need any help setting it up, I host several on Facebook and it’s a snap to put it together. Cheers ~pda

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