Sleep & Apnea

Sleep is probably thee most important factor to your health after your mindset and good nutrition / activity. You can eat the most perfect diet, do perfect yoga, but have a bad night of sleep and feel horrible all day. Sleep Apnea means you did not get enough quality sleep so if you wake up tired, guess what? You have a certain degree of sleep apnea.

Sinus congestion? The Sleep Apnea Program in the memberships tab will help clear up your sinuses as well as improve your energy & boost your sleep! The program includes:

– The Sleep Apnea Diet to clear up your sinuses to help you breathe better, avoid restlessness & avoid oxygen deprivation which causes fatigue.

– Sleep Hygiene Instructions including the best position to sleep in and a product that changed my life.

– Easy stretches that help open up your sinuses helping you breathe better while you sleep.

– Breathing exercises to boost your oxygen saturation and push oxygen deeper into your lungs.

Sleep Better, Have a Great Day & Namaste!

email me with any questions Responses are same day (as long as I’m not sleeping 🙂

– Richie

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