Adrenal Fatigue

Adrenal Fatigue, or simply the state of “drained energy” is a serious condition that few people, especially health care practitioners are aware of. It is also very misunderstood, frequently diagnosed as “Chronic Fatigue Syndrome,” “Fibromyalgia” or even Depression and not even thought of as a true syndrome. Case in point: the major organization of endocrinologists refuse to recognize it as a true condition. Whatever you want to call it, there is a situation that exists where you may feel tired all the time, depressed, get sick often & nothing seems to help. So call it what you will or deny it even exists but just think of it as “drained energy” or rather an “energy debt” kind of like sleep debt.

So here’s the story: Your body has a certain amount of energy which is supposed to last the rest of your life. How you choose to spend this energy determines how long you live. “Adrenal Fatigue” or whatever you choose to call this state, is basically a condition where a person has prematurely drained their lifelong energy. In Traditional Chinese Medicine & Ayurveda, this Energy is called the “vital essence” which is given to us by our parents which is supposed to last the rest of our lives. However, through overworking, overtraining & chronic stress without adequate rest or nutrition, we can tap into certain stored energy leading to a shortened life span full with many side effects, mainly fatigue, muscle, & joint pain, depression (from feeling like crap everyday) and frequent colds due to a weakened immune system.

So in Western, Conventional, or “Allopathic” Medicine, this energy most closely translates into adrenaline that sits right in our, you guessed it, adrenal glands. And just like the TCM & Ayurvedic perspective, we only get a finite amount of it. Adrenaline is only supposed to be used for certain stressful situations like outrunning a tiger or childbirth. But what happens with Adrenal Fatigue is we learn to use this emergency energy on a more consistent basis just for everyday life, as we become adrenaline junkies. Learn about my experience with overtraining here.

So what does it mean to be an adrenaline junky? Any time you overwork yourself, overindulge in sugar and caffeine to get through another day, experience chronic worrying or anxiety, overdo it with exercise, undergo excessive stress or deprive yourself of sleep or rest, you can start tapping into your adrenaline to function. Runners on a runner’s high, college students pulling all nighters, gym rats, worry warts, caffeine addicts, type A personalities and of course the infamous adrenaline junkies have all used some of their adrenaline prematurely.

So What Can I do to Get Better If I Have Adrenal Fatigue?

  • Eat a whole foods diet- Nutrition page
  • Drink adequate clean water
  • Improve your sleep / get enough rest
  • Strengthen your energy through yoga- Try Muscle Release Yoga
  • Strengthen your energy through acupuncture
  • Meditation– Clearing your mind can help free up wasted energy
  • Think positive!

Personalized, Holistic Adrenal Fatigue Program: A 1 year Holistic Personal Training Membership includes more in depth counseling to help regain your energy with certain supplements, foods, specific yoga poses and other key information to gain your energy back. You can also learn more about my personal experience with Adrenal Fatigue ->here<-. Recovery from Adrenal Fatigue or simply “drained energy” can take months to years but with the right knowledge, you will be on the path to recovery and more energy and happiness for the rest of your life.


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