Where to Start

Where should you start?

Well if you’re not a member, become one! Its the best investment you’ll ever make in your life! Yourself! If you are just starting out as a member: I just want you all to take a look at the big picture and remember to do your Yoga and Breathing daily. Look at this Picture Below then Read the 5 Basic Steps to A Healthy Day & Life!

The Healthy Lifestyle Equation:

So Everyday:

Wake up early and be grateful

1. Eat Balanced Meals With Whole Foods & Drink Water. Call me or email me to go over your diet as soon as you sign up for membership.

2. Do The Basic Yoga Poses At Some Point of The Day Watch the basic yoga video then use the basic yoga page as a reference

3. Do Your Breathing for at least 15 minutes, ideally 30 minutes. Watch the ujjayi breathing video.

4. Think Positive Thoughts or NO Thoughts All Day- Embrace Silence & Meditation. Watch the meditation video and dedicate at least once a day to clearing your head. If you have a ton of fear and anxiety that has accumulated in your head over the years, get it all out either in a journal or talk to someone, even a counselor or hit me up!

5. Help Others and be a positive force in this world! Sharing and helping is caring. Sometimes we just have a bad day but if we can brighten others’ then it will come back to us and make the world a better place.

Go to sleep early and be grateful

The Healthy Lifestyle Equation: (Click on For Clearer Image)

The Healthy Lifestyle Equation


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