Be Resourceful!

Nutrition Facts:
– Check out the Nutrition Page Here
– Office of Dietary Supplements Nutrient Fact Sheets 

Things to Do: (For all your friends or kids who always cry- there’s nothing to do!)
– Art! From bracelets made out of bottle caps to “Learn to Paint” / “Paint & Sip” events – explore your creative side – everyone has one
– Biking – Get a bike and ride all around your city / parks through trails and cool neighborhoods
– Dance -> Check your city’s website or do an internet search for all kinds of dance groups & events including partner dancing like Salsa
– Disc Golf -> Disc Golf Course Review <- Find a Course here, then buy a couple discs & get going! You really only need one driver (I suggest one that floats- for those water hazards) & maybe a putter but It’s free at most parks & it’s fun!
– Environment -> Save it! Check out our Recycling / Env. Page & Look for more to come here!
– Festivals -> explore your city’s get celebrations!
– Hiking – a lot of local parks have easy hiking trails
– Kayaking – Grab a kayak (or rent one) & go!
– Meetups -> -> Find local interest groups in everything from soccer lovers of Cincinnati to jazz lovers of New Orleans
– Music – Listen or pick up an instrument & start working on your next album
– Parks! Enjoy the great outdoors! They’re gorgeous, usually free & full of trees! Plus I’m sick of being the only one there on the weekends!
– Picnic – Pack some food & get outside!
– Read! I hear people still do this, it’s fun & it can increase your vocabulary. Plus you might learn something
– Travel!!! Take a week vaca, visit a new country, a weekend getaway nearby or even a day trip
– Yoga!!! Don’t just sit there, do Yoga! Check out the Muscle Release Yoga Page & Memberships tab for access to 20 minute routines you can follow along with!

Theres Definitely More To Do Than This So Check Back Soon! 

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