Sprouting is a great way to add tons of protein, vitamins & minerals to your diet. Plus it’s cheap! So it’s a great way to even cut down on your grocery bill. Checkout the video myself and Michele Cliborne, of EdibleCityGardens.com did with the 3¬†simple steps for sprouting:

1. Get a large container AND a breathable cover. You can use:

– An actual sprouting jar (usually comes with a screw on cover like the one on this page).

– A large glass jar with a piece of window screen and a rubber band to attach it to the top.

– A glass vase also with a piece of window screen or cheesecloth attached around the top with a rubber band.


1. b. Buy any organic seeds you want like vegetables, or whole dried beans or even grains. I suggest legume or “beans” like lentils or garbanzo beans. I get them at the International store but you can get them at any grocery store. Here are the Moong Beans I use sometimes.

NOTE: You have to be careful about which beans you sprout so stay away from Kidney Beans & Navy Beans due to some harmful byproducts of the beans. To get started: stick with garbanzo beans, adzuki beans, lentils, moong beans, most vegetable seeds like broccoli, beets, radishes or greens like alfalfa seeds. And Remember to use very well filtered or spring water and organic NON-GMO, Non-Irradiated beans whenever possible.


2. Fill the jar about a quarter full¬†with your seeds, beans or grains of your choice and cover with filtered or spring water in your container overnight. (Overnight works best because it’s dark out which helps start the sprouting process)

Sprouts Soaked Moong in Pro Jar

3. In the morning and for the next 1 to 3 days: just drain the water in the jar, rinse with more filtered or spring water. Repeat every morning and before bed.

REMEMBER: Keep the jar on its side tilted downward to let the jar slowly drain any excess water during the day to avoid any unwanted mold or mildew buildup. Note picture below

REMEMBER: Try to keep the jar by a window for maximum sunlight, chlorophyll production and quicker sprouting.

Sprouts Fully Sprouted Lentil Sprouts in Pro Jar


Sprouts Pumpkin Pie

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