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I used to keep this site for members only but due to overwhelming accounts of people getting sick; Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays! Now go beef up that immune system & If you’re feeling generous; share this page to spread the gift of health!

Natural Immunity: You can stay healthy, maintain good hygeine and do things to boost your immune system so that your body fights infections the way it was always meant to. There are always pathogens floating around and even in tournaments system, but not everyone gets sick, so it really depends on your immune system. I can’t remember the last time I was sick and I hope you get to that point too!

Tips For A Healthy Immune System: 

For a healthy immune system, you need to be overall healthy so make sure you cover the basics: 

1. Eat Healthy & Drink adequate fluids!
– At least 3 balanced meals per day with non GMO vegetables, healthy carbs (see the good carbs page under nutrition) good protein and healthy fats. If you live in a cold climate, you may need some more hot food & liquids throughout the day to build your energy and keep your body temperature regulated so your body & immune system can spend more time doing other things like fighting infections

2. Avoid Sugar!!!
– And remember: the more sugar you eat, the more of your body’s energy that is diverted away from your immune system to try to digest and process all the sugar.

3. Maintain Body Temp aka Bundle Up!
– Momma was right! You CAN catch a cold from being outside in the cold for too long. Remember; the pathogens were inside you before but now after running around in the freezing cold without warm enough clothes, your immune system may be weaker so you are more susceptible to “catch a cold.”

4. Don’t Stress, Just Breathe!
– God only knows how many more people get sick during those wonderful 2 – 4 times of the year; FINALS! No, not the NBA or the NHL playoffs, finals and midterms in school. More stress means more energy going towards the stress response and less energy going towards the immune system.

– I don’t rave about the specific yoga techniques I do for nothing! They keep my immune system pumped up too! Remember, as you relieve tension in the body like muscle knots, you have better circulation for your antibodies and antioxidants to flow, helping you fight disease better. Do at least 15 minutes of the basic yoga AND 15 minutes of the breathing exercises on this website everyday!

Immune System Boosters- the Full List

1.) ALWAYS try to get enough sleep & rest. Like I said; viruses are always floating around; the reason only certain people Falls sick is usually because their bodies are worn out and their immune systems are wtherfore not at max capacity.
2.) Try to get three meals a day with adequate water. Your immune system needs fuel!
3.) If it’s cold outside- DONT DRINK OR EAT COLD STUFF!!! (Drink hot liquids and hot food throughout the day) PLUS: bundle up & wear warm clothing especially hats and gloves.
4.) If it’s warm outside, DONT DRINK OR EAT COLD STUFF!!! Ok, maybe a little, but avoid excessive ice cold drinks. It robs your body’s of energy and diverts energy away from your immune system to try to maintain your body temperature.
5.) AVOID SUGAR at all costs
6.) Get vitamin c without chugging juice. Bell peppers have more vitamin c than oranges – especially the colored ones
7.) Eat garlic and onions daily- use organic garlic powder if you don’t have fresh bulbs. Garlic is anti viral & bacterial. Garlic is natures’ antibacterial, antiviral and anti vampire gem. You can put a whole bulb in the oven and roast it, and then just peel off the shell when it gets soft enough and add it to your favorite foods. My favorite thing to do with it is make pesto with basil leaves, olive oil, roasted garlic cloves and a pinch of sea salt mixed together in a food processor or blender. Garlic seems to have a more therapeutic effect when taken hot too.
8.) If you feel a sore throats coming on- gargle with warm sea salt water and drink hot tea with a pinch of honey and lemon
9.) Use real silver- silverware to eat with. It’s a very old antiviral and anti bacterial remedy. The old saying born with a silver spoon came from the wealthy who had real silverware during the plague- they never caught it!
10.) Do your Muscle Release daily to keep your circulation up, boost your immune system and prevent toxins from taking a hold of any area of your body. You can also tap on your chest lightly for about 30 seconds per day like King Kong to stimulate your immune system.
* 11.) If all else fails; if you feel like you’re coming down with something, boil green onions (scallions) for 10 minutes, drink it as hot as you can and then put on a ton of warm layers of clothing and sweat for about 20 minutes. This pulls all the virus / bacteria / toxins to the exterior. This never fails as long as you catch it the same day you feel like you’re coming down with something.
Stay healthy & happy 😄
– Richie

+ Hot water with a piece of fresh ginger root and slice of organic lemon. Drink it everyday or at least every other day and flex that immune system muscle! Ooooh! Looks good! And here’s a priceless hint: keep ginger root in the freezer to lengthen the shelf life like a hundred times and just shave some off on a carving board when you need it!

+ If year get a tickle in your throat- gargle with warm salt water ASAP!!! It can prevent pathogens from entering system through your throat including STREP!

+ Keep it humid! Dry forced air all winter dries out your sinuses which makes them less effective when trying to fight colds. So I recommend a Vornado Humidifier and try to leave the windows open a crack safely for some fresh air if you can.

*** TRY THIS COOL TRICK TO KEEP YOUR WHOLE FAMILY HEALTHY! I got this one from my grandpa who was an organic farmer. You just cut a couple onions in half, place them in a bowl of water and leave it in the rooms of the house you spend the most time in. You can even add a few things to the water for better fragrance like apples, lemons or potpourri. Simply change the water whenever you start to smell or see the onions getting too spoiled. This is an old home remedy that was designed to soak up any unwanted viruses or other airborne pests in the air. Just remember- getting fresh air inside is always a great way to keep the air in your house fresh and clean as well.

*** Back to school time is a triple threat:

(1) More kids in school indoors with poor circulation and dry forced air heat means more “germs” getting shared faster. So remember to at least keep it clean and humid at home.

(2) The weather usually shifts colder in many places in the U.S. so people fall sick from their body’s energy going towards maintaining a stable internal temp rather than the immune system to fight off infections.

(3) Its usually a transition time and more stress equals weaker immune system. Whether its all the back to school shopping or more work in the office or finals time in college, more of the body’s energy gets directed towards increased heart rate and the stress response and less energy to fuel the immune system.

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