Are Salads Making You Tired?

Now before I start, I just want to say that this is not an attempt to make you scared of salads or deter you from your friendly neighborhood vegetables. The answer to this question is, it depends on how healthy you are. According to chinese medicine, if you get tired often after you eat, you have weak digestion. No, there is not a pill for that, well there probably is, but it probably wont fix the problem. Weak digestion could arise from any of a number of reasons specific to you and your health history. But the main cause of poor digestion is simply over exertion and a gradual weakening of your whole body. In most cases, there is an Adrenal Fatigue, that arises from years of running on adrenaline which is supposed to last you the rest of your life. And like most people in a fast paced, not so healthy lifestyle, you’ve probably depleted most of the “vital essence” or “chi” in the form of natural energy passed on to you from your parents. Personally, I learned this first hand in my recovery from over-training / exhaustion from wrestling, boxing & MMA. There was a time when I noticed my energy after eating hot soup was way higher than after chewing a bunch of raw vegetables. Remember the old saying drink your food & chew your drink? Just think of a big chunk of raw carrot or cabbage in your stomach vs a small spoonful of cooked spinach. What do you think your stomach is going to have an easier time with?

Now getting back to the salads, the food we eat has many more factors than just carbs protein and fat which we seem to reduce every food to in modern nutrition. Food can cool you down or heat you up, dry you out or increase dampness. In this case, food also has an effect on your energy level according to how easily it can be digested. Certain foods and how they’re cooked are easier to digest and raw vegetables are usually some of the hardest foods to digest. Now with this being said, different vegetables have varying degrees of digestibility as well. Leafy greens like romaine lettuce are actually more easily digested than something like say carrots which are pretty hard to chew to begin with. If you have weak digestion, eating raw vegetables all the time can be the culprit for that post lunch slump. So if you are suffering with fatigue, you may want to stick to cooked vegetables.

But remember, before you go blaming the veggies for your problems, if you suffer with fatigue, you have to cover the basics. Are you drinking enough water? Are you eating enough? If you wake up tired to begin with, you probably have some form of sleep apnea or your simply not sleeping enough. Make sure to check out the sleep apnea program in the Memberships tab. If you eat 3 servings of rice or french fries at lunch, the carb load is probably the culprit for your fatigue. If you’re over-exercising, that should probably be focused on first. Check out the Breath for Cardio Program or try the easy yoga challenge also in Memberships. So in summary if you’re suffering from PMZS, or post meal zombie syndrome, you may want to stick to cooked vegetables that are nice and soft and easy to digest. Now there are other factors as well as the type of food you eat obviously that will determine how you feel after you eat. Other Programs with more personal attention in Memberships may help you zero in on the exact cause. As always, have a great day & Namaste

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