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Nutrition is easy! Below are the basic diet commandments that will help you lose weight, speed up your metabolism & help you feel full of energy every day. For the golden rule of eating, meal plans, videos, supplement guidance & more; go to the store on the membership pg. now where everything is half off! Plus: get delicious meal plans, recipes, cooking videos & more.

The Diet Commandments
1.) Eat 3 to 5 balanced meals a day with low GI carbs, 2 to 4 cups veggies (organic when possible), lean organic meat / beans & healthy fats. And remember to drink adequate water between meals!
2.) Quality, not quantity! I don’t care how many vitamins they say your brand new cereal has- its processed junk! Eat whole foods!
3.) Don’t gorge yourself- leave some space for your chi (energy) to digest your food
4.) Eat slowly and chew a lot!
5.) Enjoy your food!

Good Carb, Bad Carb
What types of carbs you choose is extremely important. Nowadays there are so many bad carbs out there that it can be hard to avoid. In the members only page- you’ll have access to which carbs you should eat regularly to even help you lose weight and maintain a stable blood sugar and adequate energy throughout the day.

Weight Loss Smoothies
Want smoothie recipes to help keep you energized and lose weight? Members get access to a ton of great smoothie recipes including green smoothies and more but heres one of my favorites:

Bangin Breakfast Smoothie
Greek Yogurt- 1/2 cup plain organic
Banana- 1/2 cup (not too ripe)
Strawberries- 1/2 cup
Baby spinach: 4 cups raw
Water- 1 cup filtered or spring water (to help mix it all up)
This makes about 24oz. Typical serving sizes are 12-24oz based on your needs. Message or email me for any questions & enjoy!

7 Better Ways To Know If Your Nutrition Plan Is Working Please include attribution to Positive Health Wellness with this graphic.

Great Nutrition References:

How to tell if your nutrition plan is working for you Great Blog for reference.

– Great site for Nutrition Facts & An inflammatory rating for each food individually

– Great site for very thorough Nutrition Articles on almost everything! Environmental Working Group’s Page For 50 fruits & vegetables ranked in order of the most to least pesticide residues. Just click on “Full List” or the “Dirty Dozen” for just the top 12. Great Resource for reducing inflammation or “Ama” with diet & Ayurveda

Go ahead give me your best shot- email or post your nutrition questions!

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