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Exercise and “fitness” have become very misleading terms. Did you ever notice how quickly you lose your “endurance” after just one or 2 off days or how you can still be exhausted even though you go to the gym everyday? Does this sound like fitness? What do you really want? Most people would say they want to maintain or get to their optimal weight, and feel great everyday.

If you study the true experts like the Shaolin or Tibetan monks or even centarians in Nursing Homes, you’ll find a pretty shocking secret- they don’t exercise that much! They are active but they don’t kill themselves worrying about getting their heart rate up for a certain amount of time. These people are intuitively intelligent and they prefer to spread their energy throughout their whole life rather than waste it over a few spinning classes. (No offense to spinners, but after your adrenaline kicks in- you’re already draining your energy.) Just check out this video on how older adults in China stay active:

So be active! Get outside, walk, bike, canoe, pogo stick (be careful), play sports, go disc golfing, and just enjoy moving. However, I encourage you to know your limits when it comes to exercise in order to avoid dangerous conditions like adrenal fatigue which come as a result of tapping into your adrenaline on a regular basis and draining your energy. Learn how to gain more cardio and energy the smarter-not-harder way with the simple secrets of healthy nutrition, muscle release yoga, balanced fitness, and improved sleep & breathing techniques. Check out the different programs for more guided holistic personal training ->here<-  

So you want to lose weight, but you HATE exercising! Well, you’re not alone. While you don’t necessarily need “exercise” to stay fit / healthy & live a long life, exercise is a great way to burn extra calories while achieving weight loss. Programs are available with nutrition support exercises and routines to lose weight without draining your energy or causing excessive muscle and joint pain.

The link between Muscle Release, Your Metabolism & Weight Loss: Watch the video at the top of the home page first for a great explanation of Muscle Release and Metabolism. But in a nutshell, tight muscles and joints, especially from excessive exercise, restricts energy and blood flow. This restriction basically slows down your metabolism as it becomes more difficult for your blood vessels to transport nutrients, remove waste and carry oxygen.

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Have a great day, & Namaste
Richie Santucci, RD CDE CPT, Creator of Muscle Release

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