Physical Health Starts with Environmental Health.

You need clean water, food & air to become healthy & stay healthy. Everyday our environment is under attack from people and corporations who just don’t value the environment or life. Everyday people also fight for the environment, sometimes even putting their life on the line for you and me. Here are some things we can all do to work together for clean food, water and air for everyone & some resources for more info. God Bless you & the planet that lets us enjoy everything we enjoy. Have a Great Day & Namaste.

What we can do:
1. Recycle (This means buying recycled products too.) If no one buys recycled products, then all our recycling doesn’t matter. It just might be worth the extra dollar or two to support companies that are doing what they can to help you enjoy a planet full of natural resources, instead of stripping it dry in pursuit of ever increasing quarterly profits.

Great Recycling Resources:

RecycleNow.com-> Type In anything to learn how to recycle & search for recycling centers near you

How to Recycle Everything-> Article by RealSimple.com

Weforum.org -> The economics of recycling & an introduction to TerraCycle- a company with big recycling ambitions

More Resources:

10 Ways You Can Make a Huge Difference in the Environment-> ecowatch.com

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