richie fair picHi, my name is Richie Santucci, The Kundalini Kid, and It took me many years to figure out what “healthy” really is. I am a Registered Dietitian, Certified Diabetes Educator, Holistic Personal Trainer, and Creator of Muscle Release. I have also done acting, dancing and am currently writing and composing music as I believe art & being creative are key players in health, healing & happiness.

Many people tell me they can’t picture me as a cage fighter to which I respond, I could never really picture myself doing yoga, so I understand their confusion. I struggled for a long time with chronic fatigue, brain fog and the associated depression that came with not feeling right or being able to socialize effectively. I became very frustrated when all the doctors & specialists told me that every test was normal, even though I felt extremely fatigued every single day. I saw people in Nursing Homes who seemed to have more energy than I did and it just didn’t make any sense.

To make a long novel-like story short, I had always been into fighting. My brother got me into martial arts as early as 7, which I continued into my teens when I started wrestling, boxing, kickboxing and eventually training for MMA. I was caught in our Western “Fitness” mentality of more is better. Do more cardio, lift more weights, eat more protein and just live more! I never realized that the body had limits and I often worked 2 jobs while in school and didn’t sleep well on top of a vigorous training schedule of cardio and weights every day. Eventually I “hit the wall” much like many in their late twenties when they realize they cant party like they used to and still get up early the next morning. I treated this lack of energy naturally with more cardio, more weight lifting, more protein, more supplements, even more caffeine / sugar and thus the downward spiral ensued until a near death experience with stimulants kept my heart rate at no less than 130 bpm until I was rushed to the hospital.

After trying almost everything in the conventional route, I discovered the secret to real health from the inside out. I was told I had a severe form of Adrenal Fatigue / overtraining syndrome and all my major organs were starting to shut down to conserve energy. At first I was a little shocked but then I thought well, at least there’s something I can do about it now! So I traded in my boxing gloves for yoga blocks, I cleaned up my diet, started doing acupuncture, meditation and thinking more positively. After everything I did, I started to feel better. So I said “Why couldn’t all these specialists tell me these simple steps that made me feel like a kid again? ” So I started a Holistic Health Center for 5 years teaching people the simple techniques to losing weight and having more energy with less pain.

After a few years of disciplined Yoga practice at home, I had an experience one day while meditating that I will never forget. The powerful Energy in the body known in Yoga studies as “kundalini,” “chi” in TCM or “bioelectricity” in western culture shot right up my spine and started moving me into spontaneous / Involuntary Yoga Poses. I had always learned about the phenomenon but I never really expected to have an experience quite like this. Watch the Video at the top of the Home Page to see the energy pulsing through the skin. And it didn’t stop there either- I let the energy move me through Tai Chi & Qi Gong movements as well. I learned a wealth of information about our health and consciousness that I would like to share with you personally or at my next seminar. You will learn how to avoid draining your energy as well as simple techniques to build your energy, stamina & happiness.

Thank You for visiting my website and please message or email me with any questions and make sure to check out my YouTube channel where I have some amazing videos further explaining the magical human energy that we all possess known as Chi / Kundalini.

Have a great day and Namaste!
– Richie Santucci RD CDE CPT Creator of Muscle Release

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