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The Only place to find Muscle Release! The Secret To Strength, Endurance, More Energy & Speed up Your Metabolism Naturally! Watch the Video & email RichieHPT@gmail.com with any questions! Click here for the -> Muscle Release Brochure ESPECIALLY FOR RUNNERS & ATHLETES OF ALL TYPES!

Membership is now HALF OFF! & includes Nutrition, Meal Plans, Recipes, Personal Training, Muscle Release & Yoga For Weight Loss, Back Pain, Sleep Apnea, Fatigue & More. Other Programs Here -> Programs & Membership

About Richie Santucci, RD, Creator of Muscle Release. More Links:

MUSCLE RELEASE (ATHLETES! This can help you gain the advantage over the competition because this is the only place you can learn the Muscle release System!) It is a brand new system of easy 15-30 min techniques similar to stretching but much more effective that release muscle tension & decompress your spine. Not only can it relieve back & joint pain but help reduce stress, conditions worsened by stress like IBD, & help you feel younger with the concepts of longevity. There is NO Flexibility Required so email RichieHPT@gmail.com with any questions today!

ENVIRONMENTAL CONSCIOUSNESS: Health starts with the environment. It is more than just your physical health. Without clean food, air & water, we all suffer. Do your part and get involved. Don’t expect corporations or politicians to do it for you. The Earth is all of our responsibility. So do what you can daily. Recycle, Reduce, Reuse. Join & contribute to groups like The Sierra Club, Environmental Working Group, EarthJustice, Green Peace & more. Like Captain Planet TM said “The Power is Yours!”

EXERCISE: Learn the truth about exercise and longevity as well as how Muscle Release can speed up your metabolism naturally, helping you lose weight.

NUTRITION: Delicious Whole Food Meal Plans & Recipes to help you lose weight & feel great! Also, find lists of the foods highest in different vitamins and minerals. Plus- check out the fasting / cleanse / detox page.

YOGA: The best yoga poses to eliminate pain, fatigue & stiffness for good! Plus learn how to deal with stress & be happier! Plus- the energy in the body is real! Learn about it here.

BREATHING: Breathing exercises you can do all day 4 more cardio & energy without even breaking a sweat! Do you know how the yogis measure how long you live? It’s not in years. I’ll give you a hint; take a deep _____. Yes, by how many breaths you take! I can teach you many different breathing techniques that have been passed down throughout the last 5000 years to increase your cardiovascular endurance, double your lung capacity, relieve stress, strengthen your kundalini or “bio-energy” and even live longer.

MEDITATION: Videos to help you clear your mind, improve relationships and be happier. Learn to reduce stress with mindful meditation techniques and even reduce functional abdominal pain as well as other disorders.

SUPPORT: Routine calls to keep you on track! Plus email support for questions & “text support.”

ENERGY: Whether you call it chi, kundalini or bioelectricity, the energy in the body is real- I am living proof! Watch the video at the top of this page as well as on the energy page. Then watch the amazing video on a meditation master zap a few world class skeptical scientists with his energy.

IMMUNE BOOSTING TIPS: Never get sick again!

Video: Secret to Health & Fitness! Getting Old is a Given, but Feeling Old is Optional!

Video: The Best Investment You’ll Ever Make In Your Life!

Video: What is Yoga?

Video: Great Video Showing an Amazing Demonstration of the “Chi” Bio-energy we all have. The second video shows how the East understands flexibility as the key to health.

Your Health is Your Wealth!
Do you want more energy, to be nice and relaxed, even in the face of constant stress, and to simply be happy on a daily basis? Well you are in the right place. My name is Richie Santucci and I am a Registered Dietitian, Certified Diabetes Edcator, Certified Personal Trainer, Yoga Instructor, Creator of Muscle Release, MMA practitioner and Life Enthusiast. I invite you to check out the site, read more about my amazing Kundalini Awakening and Spontaneous Yoga Poses and sign up for a 1 year membership online. You’ll get an All Access Pass to all of the amazing Yoga, Nurition, Meditation, Positive Thinking and Exercise Videos I have here waiting for you. Plus get free email replies for support and motivation.

Have a Great day and Namaste! – Richie Santucci, The Kundalini Kid

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Try The Just Breathe 4 Cardio Challenge! For all the participants, after you sign up- just do the (1) Breathing exercise from the video for 30 minutes a day and (2) either the basic yoga or the office chair yoga for 10 min or less a day for 2 weeks in place of your current running or cardio training! Go on Facebook, accept the challenge, invite others and tell us about your progress! A portion of proceeds to go to local Buffalo & New Orleans charities.

And thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate Namastasia’s first Album: Love & Coexist in Buffalo NY, channel 7 AM Buffalo, & KCWGTheTruth.com for playing it on the radio! Like us at Namastasia on Facebook
Video: Introduction

Video: Shaktipat & Involuntary Yoga Poses

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